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Sadly, this will be a short post.  I can’t do anything about it at the moment.  After working out yesterday, I was literally stuck in bed.  My body wouldn’t budge, although I did reset my alarm a half hour later and ended up over sleeping that too.  I had an appointment at 8:15 am that I couldn’t miss, and dug in hard to push myself up and out of bed.  I was really close to rescheduling but happily did not.

I got home and literally ate, digested and passed out from 4-8:30pm.  And here i am, about to eat some more, and pass out yet again.

My muscles are giving the big middle finger to my lack of effort towards the treatment of my body, and I can’t do anything about it.  I smartly decided not to do any lower body exercises as I knew I had to do a lot of walking today and, and can only imagine how that’s going to be after I attempt to work on that part tomorrow.

Anyhow, this post still counts! I have a better idea on how to organize my posts now, so I’m going to test some ideas out.

‘Nuff said.

day 7/365

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where’s the easy button when you need one.

I think the last time I physically worked out was in November, although I’ve been playing basketball intermittently on Sunday afternoons.  I’ve mainly been adding a sickening amount of flub on my body, which is pretty gross for my standards, as I like to at least pretend to be in shape. I like to have functional strength for the things I do in life, be it when I trained in Brazilian jiu jitsu, or playing basketball, to having a strong ab core to play drums in long duration.

So it was with great dismay that I saw my weight scale beaming the blueish hue message of  174lbs to my fear stricken eyes.  What the F***.  My weight normally range around 160-165 at best with muscles, and I’m sure a good chunk of that 173 was done in by my unhealthy fast food eating, snickers and kit kat chocolate candy filled binges.  I’ve distinctly remember ordering take-out from Domino’s at least once a week for a month or two, along with many other stuff I’d soon rather not type up. My only defense is that I’m a sucker for t.v. marketing and the 7.99 carry out deals they have is easy to give into when you’re still suffering from a break-up.

Usually, when I jump back into working out after taking a break, I’d go all out and force my body through the punishment my routines and deal with the repercussion for the week.  I’ve decided to be smart and ease myself into it this time around, with only 40 pull ups, and a few dozen push ups, and other various things.  I still feel the pain, but I hope I’m able to climb out of bed tomorrow as I have to get up ass early like a normal schedule to head into town.

But I have to commit myself to working out again, no matter how painful it is, as I have to get into basketball shape for this summer, with it possibly being the last one or two I’ll have before leaving Boston.

day 6/365

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sofa + laptop = a loss for my productivity

Wait, today isn’t a Saturday?  Shiet…well there goes day one of spring break.  Technically, my classes were out since…last Thursday and  I really don’t want to think about the things I was planning on doing and the days left I have to apply said tasks. I spent most of my day, carving out a Sheldon like groove into my couch(coincidentally, at the same location on the far left side of the couch that he has on the Big Bang Theory), while watching a slew of cooking channels shows,  tv series in syndication at the moment ( Criminal Minds, Psych) and finally rounding out the evening shows of wheel of fortune, ESPN shows, and finally, 2 hours of The Voice.

Haven’t watched the singing show before but it was enjoyable. I did  manage to squeeze some physical movement during my lethargic state with some cooking and obligatory dish washing after, but for the most part it, it was bad in hindsight, and I hope I don’t repeat the process anytime else this week.

It’s hard to write at night, especially without mentioning or using your day as a way, in my case, to write something down period. I’ll try to keep it at a minimum and not use it as a cop out topic for writing, or at least make an attempt to reduce the practice.

I did manage to browse a lot of websites with similar themes to get a break from my computer programming that I’m having contempt towards.

Here are 3 great links for those looking for a fresh perspective in life, inspiration, or need a moment to bum around:

1. people changing the world

2. life perspective/guide

3. must love dogs

Brief intro for all 3 links:

1. Ideas put into action by people who are trying to better you and the world.

2. Ideas and actions by someone who wants to make you a better person.

3.  A quick,cute/adorable video that can make you smile, and reminds you that you can still smile, even when you’re feeling like crap.

day 5/365

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still feeling out the blogsy

I feel like Doogie Howser, or  Carrie Bradshaw, which would be the more current reference for people, when they type away on their computer every night,wrapping up a long day of events.

I’ve been getting some pretty helpful links/emails from wordpress about proper blogging/stages on improving your blog which I found pretty interesting.  They definitely have their help guides down to a science. There was one thing that was annoying me like crazy when I did my last post yesterday, which was not being able to put spaces into my paragraphs without the text turning small.  It really annoyed the crap out of me, but luckily it’s not happening again at the moment, so maybe it was just a glitch. I’m still learning the features of this interface, but I didn’t realize you could actually edit the html yourself, so my HTML/CSS class was put to decent use.

Anyhow, I took some thought into what wordpress recommended to develop your blog, which was to keep to a theme/topics (like books/technology), to specialize on a subject and keep it at that.  I think that’s something that might intrigue me down the road, and I got kind of carried away with the idea of doing that for my writing now, and had to scale back to why I wanted to write in the first place, which was to just have an outlet, and not to appease any future readers.  Hypothetically, if I’d group together all of my hobbies together and make a blog name to tie them together somehow, along with school/self help relating things, and introspective one in general.  Sounds time consuming, the worst part is that’s how immersed I can get into a task and i’m planning way ahead of time when I should be focusing on the task at hand.

As for my goal for this blog(even though it’s more like a diary with easier to read text than my handwriting), one of my reasons is to see if i can keep at something consistently, which has been my downfall for most of my life. I usually get into intense spurts of concentrated effort towards whatever interest i’d be into and then leave it for some other subject. I’ve been pretty helpless to my ways, and it’s something I’ve always had to battle, but lately I’ve been winning my share of the struggle.

I’m hoping with this long, long journey ahead that i’ll be able to extract some ideas to put towards a more clearer website.  (full disclosure, I just wanted to pass out, but barely opened my eyes enough to type this out, so exhausted from lugging my lard in basketball)

I’ll be pretty stoked if i can keep this up for a week or two without flubbing.  In the mean time, bed I go.

day 4/365

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Geekin’ out

calvin and hobbes

OH MAN! How could I be this ridiculously stupid for this long. Granted I didn’t get a chance to be totally productive with studying and homework just yet today, but that’s only because I’ve been throwing every imaginable operating system(mac lion, ubuntu, solaris, red hat, windows stuff) into it and tweaking the laptop like crazy. The setup I have in my room has to be downgraded I feel soon.  Originally i purchased the 23″ monitor for to give me some more real estate with my laptop in tow, but it’s caught up to me.  I needed a better, more capable laptop to run things off from and my need to multi talk wasn’t being indulged at all.

Top 5 reasons my laptop rules: (HP Elitebook 8540w)

  1. Speed 
  2. Portability
  3. Feigned importance
  4. Better Productivity
  5. Speed (this cannot be emphasized enough)

I guess the main reason why I didn’t make the true transition sooner to getting a new laptop is because I really dislike using the touch pad and still do.  The only touchpad that is responsive enough for me would be the macbook and I wasn’t going to spend a chunk of money on that.

I’ve been using my laptop stationary mainly because I bought a big ikea desk for it, and i needed a workplace, so it was my desktop replacement.  For some reason my productivity level in that location is next to zero now, and this is a nice way to mix things up.


If you’d like to experience web browsing bliss or if you’re curious to see how much time you can save by not restarting your laptop whenever the computer crashes, then I suggest looking for this when you shop for your best friend:

  • i3, i5, i7 cpu is needed, the newer stuff are mostly 2nd generation now
  • max out on the ram you can get, 4-6-8 gbs of ram. it should be ddr3 ram
  • battery will be 4-5 hours typically, unless you opt for the longer stuff, and 500 hard drive is the range for most storage now, but you’re better off just keeping things on an external hard drive.

that’s all you need there, everything else is just preference, from the way it looks, to if you want a numerical touchpad to be on the right side of the keyboard ( i like to have one), to having built-in webcam, or the different types of screen sizes you can get. the list goes on, and on. but if you’re like having 10 or more tabs opened(i have 20+ at times, especially when i go into pseudo online shopping mode) then you will not be lagged at all, it’s unbelievable


I think that’s enough geek talk at the moment.  I’m going to have to start Craigslisting my gear to consolidate things, and I’m still going to need a work area setup, either desktop setup or another workstation laptop.


Moving along, So my mother wants to use my old laptop to learn how to use a computer. I think I’m either going to try to get her a newer one, or opt for the iPad/2/3.  so not sure yet.

I’m not sure if the iPad will be better for her learning or not. I was thinking i can show her some typing tutors and about browsing and google and telling her that you don’t have to spell anything correctly to be able to find anything.  Or, if i should get a used iPad, with the  whole point and dragging features but I’ll figure it out soon.

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Climbing on the wagon


I haven’t been able to figure out how to put time stamps to posts, so I guess i’ll use the start times of my writing as title’s for the time being.  Pretty much the same format i use to have when I use to write in my journal.

So it’s another Friday night, and i’m indoors, again. It’s a personal choice I suppose.

It’s hard to limit my topics in typing when my mind jumps from one thing to the next constantly.

I spent a portion of my day trying to get this laptop that my friend Gio sent me into working order.  My old laptop decided to be jealous of the newer one and died of me, so i wasn’t able to load up the drivers needed and all the other stuff that goes into getting a laptop into working order.  I’ll spare the details but you should know it took a lot of work and I skipped a meal or two.  I remember paying $700+ for my old Dell laptop in ’08 and just the difference in speed and technology is something else.

My eye’s are burning from the brightness of the newer laptop, and when i glance at my older setup and compare the dimness of the dual monitor setup, it’s rough. I’ve definitely been punishing my eye sight worst than it is during the last few years.

This post is more of a warmup/throwaway post than anything.  My goal was to write something once a week or at most 2-3 times.

Doing so everyday for a year seems out of reach at the moment but i’ll give it a go for the time being. I’m not putting any pressure to keep it up like that but if it happens, it’d be cool.

I was intrigued by people posting those picture a day posts on their blogs and putting them on facebook. I liked the concept, i’m just not much of a photographer, and i kind of think it’s a cop out.  With how technology is, it wouldn’t be too hard to take a picture with your cell phone during a morning/evening commute from work/school etc. and just be able to get into a habit of it.  Well easier said i suppose.

I wanted to work on my website design on during my leisure time also, and thought this would be a nice tie in to playing around with the design skills i don’t have at the moment.  I can see ugly/badly formatted pages, and make fun of them but i can’t do anything about actually making a nice one, I don’t think that will change much in this case here.  I might just stick with the blog themes here.

I forgot how much i use to like writing, like real, well thought out writing.  Which is why i’m not sure how well this blogging is going to go.  I usually edit the crap out of my writing, regardless of how long/short it is.  I’d get really consumed with my wording of things and a small email or long report for school ends up taking forever to be written up, or done really last minute due to the pressure of having to write it, because I just let it sit in my head for a long time.  So, with me not writing in a long time, combined with trying to write well, (when I’ve forgotten most of the proper grammar/sentence structure needed to write) and trying to write daily without spending senseless minutes editing, will make this an interesting read to reflect on.

12:10 am.



First and last post…of the night.


And so it begins…I’m not completely sure of my reasons for writing but the mixture of my actions/motives/answer can be chosen from the following:

(a) I’m such an attention whore. (Obviously.)

(b) Re-sparked interest in writing. (The lame reason.)

(c) A way of talking to myself without actually talking to myself. (It’s not that weird.)

(d) I’m a computer “nerd” and that’s what I do. (Not that much of a geek, anymore..)

(e) Everything above was made up to just get my writing pulse beating again (self explanatory.)

There’s actually myriad of reasons but the initial one was I needed to record my thoughts somehow.  I haven’t been in a talking mood with other people and I figured I should do something about it all of my thoughts.  Mostly about universal themes of goals, relationships, life, important and trivial things that I or people in general enjoy in life.

Shortly after, my thought process jumped towards creating a blog for every single topic I wanted write about, from chess, magic, feelings, etc etc. you get the idea.  It’s more than a handful of things as I’ve always had more than a handful of thing’s I’ve been into doing.

Leading me to my final conclusion/dilemma, do i write as I first intended it to, with just me being the only one to know of this?  Or should I censor myself at times, for the possibility of this possibly be seen by other’s down the road.  Eh, I’ll go with the former for now.  It’s weird in a society where people are always in the “look at me” mode that people would do this type of thing. I guess down there somewhere in my subconscious i wouldn’t mind having a following of dedicated readers if i was anonymous enough but, that’d another time.

So why tonight of all nights to do start a blog?

I was pretty excited earlier today when i came home and received the mail I’ve given up looking for literally years ago.  I finally got my notice to pick up my citizenship paper and I was really happy. I wanted to share that feeling with someone but I couldn’t at the moment.  Up next will be, pick up papers, and get my passport for traveling!?!?

I don’t know it’s all foreign to me.

I’ve literally waited for 2 years for this time to happen.  It was on the Patriots Day of 2010, the 19th of April that I went in the INS office to drop off my paper, and now it’s a wrap.  In between then i’ll need to take some pass port pictures that they requested, and then I’ll pick it the paperwork on March 7th, (Wednesday) which will be the same day of the Ipad 3 release coincidentally enough, and then that’s it… OVERRRRRR!!!

I feel like i should explain this whole situation in case someone reads it but i’ll do it some other time.