First and last post…of the night.


And so it begins…I’m not completely sure of my reasons for writing but the mixture of my actions/motives/answer can be chosen from the following:

(a) I’m such an attention whore. (Obviously.)

(b) Re-sparked interest in writing. (The lame reason.)

(c) A way of talking to myself without actually talking to myself. (It’s not that weird.)

(d) I’m a computer “nerd” and that’s what I do. (Not that much of a geek, anymore..)

(e) Everything above was made up to just get my writing pulse beating again (self explanatory.)

There’s actually myriad of reasons but the initial one was I needed to record my thoughts somehow.  I haven’t been in a talking mood with other people and I figured I should do something about it all of my thoughts.  Mostly about universal themes of goals, relationships, life, important and trivial things that I or people in general enjoy in life.

Shortly after, my thought process jumped towards creating a blog for every single topic I wanted write about, from chess, magic, feelings, etc etc. you get the idea.  It’s more than a handful of things as I’ve always had more than a handful of thing’s I’ve been into doing.

Leading me to my final conclusion/dilemma, do i write as I first intended it to, with just me being the only one to know of this?  Or should I censor myself at times, for the possibility of this possibly be seen by other’s down the road.  Eh, I’ll go with the former for now.  It’s weird in a society where people are always in the “look at me” mode that people would do this type of thing. I guess down there somewhere in my subconscious i wouldn’t mind having a following of dedicated readers if i was anonymous enough but, that’d another time.

So why tonight of all nights to do start a blog?

I was pretty excited earlier today when i came home and received the mail I’ve given up looking for literally years ago.  I finally got my notice to pick up my citizenship paper and I was really happy. I wanted to share that feeling with someone but I couldn’t at the moment.  Up next will be, pick up papers, and get my passport for traveling!?!?

I don’t know it’s all foreign to me.

I’ve literally waited for 2 years for this time to happen.  It was on the Patriots Day of 2010, the 19th of April that I went in the INS office to drop off my paper, and now it’s a wrap.  In between then i’ll need to take some pass port pictures that they requested, and then I’ll pick it the paperwork on March 7th, (Wednesday) which will be the same day of the Ipad 3 release coincidentally enough, and then that’s it… OVERRRRRR!!!

I feel like i should explain this whole situation in case someone reads it but i’ll do it some other time.


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