Climbing on the wagon


I haven’t been able to figure out how to put time stamps to posts, so I guess i’ll use the start times of my writing as title’s for the time being.  Pretty much the same format i use to have when I use to write in my journal.

So it’s another Friday night, and i’m indoors, again. It’s a personal choice I suppose.

It’s hard to limit my topics in typing when my mind jumps from one thing to the next constantly.

I spent a portion of my day trying to get this laptop that my friend Gio sent me into working order.  My old laptop decided to be jealous of the newer one and died of me, so i wasn’t able to load up the drivers needed and all the other stuff that goes into getting a laptop into working order.  I’ll spare the details but you should know it took a lot of work and I skipped a meal or two.  I remember paying $700+ for my old Dell laptop in ’08 and just the difference in speed and technology is something else.

My eye’s are burning from the brightness of the newer laptop, and when i glance at my older setup and compare the dimness of the dual monitor setup, it’s rough. I’ve definitely been punishing my eye sight worst than it is during the last few years.

This post is more of a warmup/throwaway post than anything.  My goal was to write something once a week or at most 2-3 times.

Doing so everyday for a year seems out of reach at the moment but i’ll give it a go for the time being. I’m not putting any pressure to keep it up like that but if it happens, it’d be cool.

I was intrigued by people posting those picture a day posts on their blogs and putting them on facebook. I liked the concept, i’m just not much of a photographer, and i kind of think it’s a cop out.  With how technology is, it wouldn’t be too hard to take a picture with your cell phone during a morning/evening commute from work/school etc. and just be able to get into a habit of it.  Well easier said i suppose.

I wanted to work on my website design on during my leisure time also, and thought this would be a nice tie in to playing around with the design skills i don’t have at the moment.  I can see ugly/badly formatted pages, and make fun of them but i can’t do anything about actually making a nice one, I don’t think that will change much in this case here.  I might just stick with the blog themes here.

I forgot how much i use to like writing, like real, well thought out writing.  Which is why i’m not sure how well this blogging is going to go.  I usually edit the crap out of my writing, regardless of how long/short it is.  I’d get really consumed with my wording of things and a small email or long report for school ends up taking forever to be written up, or done really last minute due to the pressure of having to write it, because I just let it sit in my head for a long time.  So, with me not writing in a long time, combined with trying to write well, (when I’ve forgotten most of the proper grammar/sentence structure needed to write) and trying to write daily without spending senseless minutes editing, will make this an interesting read to reflect on.

12:10 am.




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