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calvin and hobbes

OH MAN! How could I be this ridiculously stupid for this long. Granted I didn’t get a chance to be totally productive with studying and homework just yet today, but that’s only because I’ve been throwing every imaginable operating system(mac lion, ubuntu, solaris, red hat, windows stuff) into it and tweaking the laptop like crazy. The setup I have in my room has to be downgraded I feel soon.  Originally i purchased the 23″ monitor for to give me some more real estate with my laptop in tow, but it’s caught up to me.  I needed a better, more capable laptop to run things off from and my need to multi talk wasn’t being indulged at all.

Top 5 reasons my laptop rules: (HP Elitebook 8540w)

  1. Speed 
  2. Portability
  3. Feigned importance
  4. Better Productivity
  5. Speed (this cannot be emphasized enough)

I guess the main reason why I didn’t make the true transition sooner to getting a new laptop is because I really dislike using the touch pad and still do.  The only touchpad that is responsive enough for me would be the macbook and I wasn’t going to spend a chunk of money on that.

I’ve been using my laptop stationary mainly because I bought a big ikea desk for it, and i needed a workplace, so it was my desktop replacement.  For some reason my productivity level in that location is next to zero now, and this is a nice way to mix things up.


If you’d like to experience web browsing bliss or if you’re curious to see how much time you can save by not restarting your laptop whenever the computer crashes, then I suggest looking for this when you shop for your best friend:

  • i3, i5, i7 cpu is needed, the newer stuff are mostly 2nd generation now
  • max out on the ram you can get, 4-6-8 gbs of ram. it should be ddr3 ram
  • battery will be 4-5 hours typically, unless you opt for the longer stuff, and 500 hard drive is the range for most storage now, but you’re better off just keeping things on an external hard drive.

that’s all you need there, everything else is just preference, from the way it looks, to if you want a numerical touchpad to be on the right side of the keyboard ( i like to have one), to having built-in webcam, or the different types of screen sizes you can get. the list goes on, and on. but if you’re like having 10 or more tabs opened(i have 20+ at times, especially when i go into pseudo online shopping mode) then you will not be lagged at all, it’s unbelievable


I think that’s enough geek talk at the moment.  I’m going to have to start Craigslisting my gear to consolidate things, and I’m still going to need a work area setup, either desktop setup or another workstation laptop.


Moving along, So my mother wants to use my old laptop to learn how to use a computer. I think I’m either going to try to get her a newer one, or opt for the iPad/2/3.  so not sure yet.

I’m not sure if the iPad will be better for her learning or not. I was thinking i can show her some typing tutors and about browsing and google and telling her that you don’t have to spell anything correctly to be able to find anything.  Or, if i should get a used iPad, with the  whole point and dragging features but I’ll figure it out soon.

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