sofa + laptop = a loss for my productivity

Wait, today isn’t a Saturday?  Shiet…well there goes day one of spring break.  Technically, my classes were out since…last Thursday and  I really don’t want to think about the things I was planning on doing and the days left I have to apply said tasks. I spent most of my day, carving out a Sheldon like groove into my couch(coincidentally, at the same location on the far left side of the couch that he has on the Big Bang Theory), while watching a slew of cooking channels shows,  tv series in syndication at the moment ( Criminal Minds, Psych) and finally rounding out the evening shows of wheel of fortune, ESPN shows, and finally, 2 hours of The Voice.

Haven’t watched the singing show before but it was enjoyable. I did  manage to squeeze some physical movement during my lethargic state with some cooking and obligatory dish washing after, but for the most part it, it was bad in hindsight, and I hope I don’t repeat the process anytime else this week.

It’s hard to write at night, especially without mentioning or using your day as a way, in my case, to write something down period. I’ll try to keep it at a minimum and not use it as a cop out topic for writing, or at least make an attempt to reduce the practice.

I did manage to browse a lot of websites with similar themes to get a break from my computer programming that I’m having contempt towards.

Here are 3 great links for those looking for a fresh perspective in life, inspiration, or need a moment to bum around:

1. people changing the world

2. life perspective/guide

3. must love dogs

Brief intro for all 3 links:

1. Ideas put into action by people who are trying to better you and the world.

2. Ideas and actions by someone who wants to make you a better person.

3.  A quick,cute/adorable video that can make you smile, and reminds you that you can still smile, even when you’re feeling like crap.

day 5/365

started : 10:30 pm

completed: 11:58 pm.


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