where’s the easy button when you need one.

I think the last time I physically worked out was in November, although I’ve been playing basketball intermittently on Sunday afternoons.  I’ve mainly been adding a sickening amount of flub on my body, which is pretty gross for my standards, as I like to at least pretend to be in shape. I like to have functional strength for the things I do in life, be it when I trained in Brazilian jiu jitsu, or playing basketball, to having a strong ab core to play drums in long duration.

So it was with great dismay that I saw my weight scale beaming the blueish hue message of  174lbs to my fear stricken eyes.  What the F***.  My weight normally range around 160-165 at best with muscles, and I’m sure a good chunk of that 173 was done in by my unhealthy fast food eating, snickers and kit kat chocolate candy filled binges.  I’ve distinctly remember ordering take-out from Domino’s at least once a week for a month or two, along with many other stuff I’d soon rather not type up. My only defense is that I’m a sucker for t.v. marketing and the 7.99 carry out deals they have is easy to give into when you’re still suffering from a break-up.

Usually, when I jump back into working out after taking a break, I’d go all out and force my body through the punishment my routines and deal with the repercussion for the week.  I’ve decided to be smart and ease myself into it this time around, with only 40 pull ups, and a few dozen push ups, and other various things.  I still feel the pain, but I hope I’m able to climb out of bed tomorrow as I have to get up ass early like a normal schedule to head into town.

But I have to commit myself to working out again, no matter how painful it is, as I have to get into basketball shape for this summer, with it possibly being the last one or two I’ll have before leaving Boston.

day 6/365

started : 11:30 pm

completed: 11:59 pm.


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