Sadly, this will be a short post.  I can’t do anything about it at the moment.  After working out yesterday, I was literally stuck in bed.  My body wouldn’t budge, although I did reset my alarm a half hour later and ended up over sleeping that too.  I had an appointment at 8:15 am that I couldn’t miss, and dug in hard to push myself up and out of bed.  I was really close to rescheduling but happily did not.

I got home and literally ate, digested and passed out from 4-8:30pm.  And here i am, about to eat some more, and pass out yet again.

My muscles are giving the big middle finger to my lack of effort towards the treatment of my body, and I can’t do anything about it.  I smartly decided not to do any lower body exercises as I knew I had to do a lot of walking today and, and can only imagine how that’s going to be after I attempt to work on that part tomorrow.

Anyhow, this post still counts! I have a better idea on how to organize my posts now, so I’m going to test some ideas out.

‘Nuff said.

day 7/365

started : 10:00 pm

completed: 10:19 pm.


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